1. What is XedScore?
2. When do Recruiters use XedScore?
3. We are already doing campus recruitment, so why do we need XedScore?
4. How to use XedScore?
5. Please explain the registration process.
6. How do Recruiters benefit?
7. We only hire from premium b-schools. How can XedScore help us?
8. What do you evaluate on?
9. Who creates the evaluation question bank?
10. How do you compute Overall XedScore?
11. How much do you charge?
12. How do you ensure that your assessments are not biased towards Institutes who have paid for the services?
13. Can we check some sample Question Papers?
14. Can you customize the assessments for us?
15. Which Psychometric Analysis do you use?
16. How do you ensure that Assessments are fair and students have not cheated?
17. How long can we use XedScore?
18. Who are the other recruiters?
19. Using your process does not help us in selection of candidates. It only filters candidates. Why should we use your services?
20. After giving the offer, student opts for some other job. How does Xed help us in ensuring that Students don’t apply for any job?
21. Can we become your preferred Client so that we can shortlist on Day 1? We are willing to pay you.
22. How many students are there in the Database?
23. Since you are doing both training and assessments, you may be biased by scoring higher to show the effectiveness of your training programs to the Institutes.
24. Since it’s free in the Beta Version, many recruiters will hire from the same Database, why should we take your services?
25. How are you different from job sites?
26. How are you different from other assessment companies?
27. If students are hired, can they apply to other companies using XedScore?
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