XedScore is an automation of the Placement function. XedScore is primarily a database of candidates from various institutes all over India. The candidates are assessed on their various skills and allotted scores. The scores are displayed on XedScore along with their CVs.

Candidates are assessed on their Intellectual, Communication & Academic skills. An Interview video and Psychometric score completes the evaluation.

Xed Intellect has invited hundreds of corporates to use the database to fill their vacancies.


Data analytics will help recruiters fine tune their hiring effort and will help candidates focus their energies in desired sectors. Recruiters will shortlist candidates by using the score filter mechanism, reviewing the video interview and candidate profile. Shortlisted candidates will receive interview calls from recruiters which can be through an e-mail or direct invitation on XedScore portal.

Follow these steps.
1) Sign in with your ID and Pasword (the same you use to log in at Xedknowledge or take Xed quizzes).
2) Fill up your profile.
3) Take the written and psychometric tests online.
4) Reply to Interview call mails.
5) Apply for the jobs posted by the recruiters.

If I don’t give my written or psychometric test online or incompletely fill my profile, will I still get shortlisted? *Suppose a Recruiter uses Communication Score as a filter and you have not submitted your online essay, then you wont be shortlisted. So any data in your profile left incomplete or any quiz not taken reduces your chances of getting shortlisted.


Students can also apply to jobs posted by the recruiters by searching for the right job in their domain.

Our target is to place maximum candidates in our database with an all round placement activity happening throughout the year. Probability of landing an interview call and that of getting a higher package is a function of candidate fit as well as superior scores.

XedScore is calculated over a longer period (usually a couple of years). A candidate takes four quizzes; Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 in the First Year and Quiz 3 and Quiz 4 in the Second Year.

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