Hire within budget or look for the most cost effective resource in the quickest possible way.

Shortlist only those who are willing to work at your location, without scanning through hundreds of Cvs.

Hire the best from selected Institutes without actually visiting the campus.


Dont want marketing students to apply for Finance post.

Avoid conducting Aptitude quizzes and checking answer papers, yet select only those who would have cleared your Aptitude round.

Interview only those who have excellent Domain subject knowledge.


Want smart candidates who are up to date with business, economic and socio political awareness.

Excellent English language skills. Is this what is critical?

Smartness, culture, manners, ettiqette and wit. Is that what you are seaching?


Wondering if the candidate is of the right personality type for the job at hand.

Good performance at school & college level indicates; self discipline, ability to work hard, a good learner and strong fundamentals.

Want an all rounder. The one who is good at everything. The one who will solve all problems.

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